Sterilizer Service & Validation

To meet the requirements of the Australian Standards, all sterilizing equipment must be calibrated and validated on installation. The sterilizer must then be serviced, calibrated and validated at regular intervals of 12 months or less.

At Medisure, we specialize in the Service, Calibration and Validation of Benchtop Sterilizers.

The service and validation procedures performed by Medisure for sterilizers are based on the recommendations as stipulated in the AS 4187 and
AS 4815 codes of practice and are accepted by accreditation bodies such as AGPAL.

When you need your sterilizer serviced, calibrated or validated, call us to arrange a suitable time and we can perform all the work required for validation, onsite at your premises.

All the documentation and information required for accreditation will be supplied to you on completion….
we make it that simple!

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Sterilizer Sales

Medisure has been involved in the service of sterilizers for more than 10 years so we have the expertise to know the inside story of what makes a good, reliable sterilizer.

So when it comes to sterilizer sales, we support the brands that we know have a proven track record of reliability. The manufacturers of our sterilizers supply their products world wide and manufacture in strict accordance with the European Standard EN13060. They have a reputation for producing  premium products while providing excellent after sales support with spare parts and training.

Our range of sterilizers include S class (vacuum and non vacuum) suitable for Podiatrists and some Medical Practices.
Our B class Sterilizers are essential for sterilizing “Hollow A” type instruments as is used in Dental Practices.

Whatever your practice, you can be sure that we can help you to choose a sterilizer that will be suitable for your needs.

At medisure, we have completed the necessary training to be the accredited Service Agent for the sterilizers we supply so we know your sterilizer inside and out. So if you need any service or warranty work performed on your sterilizer, you can be sure that the people who sold you the sterilizer will look after you with after sales service second to none.



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Cominox Sterilizer

Melag Sterilizer

Service Agent
We are the appointed service agent in South Australia for the following manufacturers of Sterilizers.

As the appointed Service Agent, our technicians have completed the extensive training required to represent each of the above manufacturers’ in the maintenance of their equipment.

In addition to this, we have access to all parts, service manuals and backup that is required to properly maintain these sterilizers, as well as ongoing access to upgrades and modifications as they become available.